Friday, October 14, 2016


The Dodgers beat the Nationals last night with Clayton Kershaw getting the save!  This is why you have to love the post season and this is why you have to love baseball in 2016.  These games have been incredible!  Honestly, they say baseball is dying, but I've been watching all these post season games, and every one has been pretty incredible.

The Nationals lost. Some suggested Max Scherzer may have been left in too long last night.  I agree.
Whatever the case there is one thing that's significant in this game.  The Dodgers beat the Nationals in the longest of the Division Series games, 5 game series folks! And now they advance against the Cubs on Saturday night in the ALCS.

Personally, I was rooting for the Nats just because I wanted to see what that group could do.  I have no true beef with the Dodgers and probably would have taken them in the series if Don Mattingly was at the helm. But whatever the case, my son is happy because one of his favorite players, Chase Utley lives another day.

Baseball is a wonderful sport, filled with a different outcome in every pitch.  Honestly... how can you NOT fall in love with this game?

Final: Dodgers 4 - Nationals 3

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