Sunday, October 23, 2016


Wow.  The history.  The excellence.  The bucket list. The World Series.  The unlikely duo who will take us out of MLB 2016 and into the off season is the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians. What an incredible October!  And throughout what I am calling the Cubs Frenzy in Cubdom, I am remaining sane.  Usually this time of year, I feel sad about the Yankees not making it to the playoffs but this year, I am with the Cubs fans because its been 71 years since the Cubs got to the Series and 108 years since they won.  This is the perfect setting to an incredible World Series.

The climate for this historic night was so electric that in the second inning a random firework went off somewhere in the distance causing Joc Pederson to stand frozen at home plate.  This isn't Hollywood's The Natural exploding lights somewhere in the heavens.  No this isn't heaven, either.   It's real time, it's real life and the Chicago Cubs are headed to the World Series.

And to make my evening even better, I have muted Joe Buck and taken on Dan Schulman and Aaron Boone on ESPN Radio.  What a sigh of relief.  Unbiased, clearly articulated post season baseball, finally.  I am not alone, actually.  The Chicago Tribune published an article on Friday entitled, "Why are Cubs fans hating on Joe Buck?" 

Besides the fact that Cubs fans hate the way Buck gushes all over Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers (who exited Game 6 very early by the way), this quote came about half way through the article sent to the reporter by a fan, "Playoff tickets $400. Parking $100. Ballpark food $38.75. Not having to listen to Joe Buck: priceless." Bahahahaha...Oh yea and there is now an official #DeportJoeBuck movement among Cubs fans on Twitter.  So, whether it's my new radio companions, or whether it was Angels in the Outfield that caused Andrew Toles to drop the ball in the first inning or just that it's the Cubs time to shine, it's the Cubs Frenzy that is keeping me sane.

As the Chicago Tribune reported Saturday evening just before first pitch, "Fans descended on the ballpark in waves, by "L" and yellow shuttle buses, riding Divvy bikes, and spilling out of ride shares and taxis. They pushed toddlers in strollers and walked their dogs, dressing both in Cubs regalia. Hundreds of Chicago police officers looked on."

Then if you could imagine what it would be like outside of Stan's Sports Bar at the mouth of Yankee Stadium on a night like this, "The line to get into the bars adjacent to the ballpark snaked down the block hours before the game started. Vendors on the streets hawked "Ain't Afraid of No Goat" T-shirts for $25 and a fan wore a "#WaitTilThisYear" shirt. Another vendor, willing to tempt fate, proclaimed that he was selling "World Series water."  Yes, it's the Cubs Frenzy that is keeping me sane.

I can't commit to watching a new television series or streaming past episodes on DVR, On Demand or on Netflix. I have to be with the Cubs, lead by the two-punch knock out of Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo, to the finish, with the first game of the series to commence on Tuesday, October 25th, my always faithful baseball assistant mother's 74th birthday.  She proudly acknowledged this event in baseball history with this comment to me, "World Series for my Birthday? That's awesome."  

Could this get any sweeter?  Sure, the Cubs could beat Cleveland in the Series and end their 108 year championship drought. But that's it.  This postseason has been incredible and if you didn't know it, it is the Cub Frenzy that is keeping me sane.  Maybe you can relate but if not, only 117 days until pitchers and catchers.  Let's Go Cubs! #GOAT

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Senior Staff Writer
BYB Hot Stove Columnist

Twitter: @suzieprof

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