Wednesday, October 19, 2016


And you know what? I feel for them.

The Dodgers beat the Cubs last night 6-0 and it wasn't pretty.  Jake Arrieta just didn't have it and it just seemed like every time I left the room to get a drink or water or hit the head, the Dodgers were scoring another one. 

My son's rooting hard for the Cubs, but when it became 4-0, he fell asleep, I guess subliminally feeling like the Cubs couldn't come back.  I get it... it's tough.

I am saying it now and I'm saying it proud. I want to see the Cubs win even though I am no fan of Joe Maddon.  His arrogance bothers me and I guess he's arrogant because he's good.  But I want to see the Cubs get there... and win for the history of the game.  I like this team.  I appreciate guys like Arrieta, Rizzo and Bryant.  It's a fun team to watch.  Let's hope they can turn it around.

No recap... just the personal facts here... Cubs need to win, because my kid wants it that way.

Final: Dodgers 6 - Cubs 0

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