Saturday, October 8, 2016


So much baseball today and I had no time to watch anything really except for the end of the Cubs vs. Giants game.  I mean in the end, when everything is said and done, I want the Cubs to be in the World Series this year. BUT... I like the Giants, so this is gonna be tough for me emotionally.

Anyway.  Here are a few things to point out about today...

My kid wants to see the Rangers advance, but today against the Blue Jays, they lost.  That means they are 0-2 in the ALDS. I mean Yu Darvish gave up 4 home runs today.  That is NOT a good situation.  In the end, the Jays won and now the Rangers have to dig out of a hole.

Final: Blue Jays 5 - Ranger 3

The Indians killed the Red Sox, and now they are up 2-0 in this series. As you know, I'm a Yankee fan and not a Sox fan.  Now, I feel for friends like Section 36, but the reality is, the rivalry will forever be in my heart and I cannot watch the Red Sox win. And so, I root for Terry Francona.

 Final: Indians 6 - Red Sox 0

In the NLDS, the Dodgers won Game 1 against the Nationals. Kershaw beat Scherzer, and to be honest, I can get on board with that.  I no longer really root for the Dodgers with Mattingly no longer there, and so, I just wanna see how this series plays out. No biggie.

Final: Dodgers 4 - Nationals 3

The Cubs against the Giants.  I like the Giants this season and I want to see them get through the entire thing winning it all. But to be honest, to see the Cubs in the World Series would be cool for the history of the game.  Here's my problem with the Cubs... I do not like Joe Maddon and his arrogance.  Yes, he's good... but is he that good?  I don't think so.

Bruce Bochy is the man, and I love Posey, Pence and Samardzija, and the franchise itself kicks ass. and so, I want them in and even though they lost tonight... I have faith in the Giants.

The Cubs one 1-0 tonight on a home run from Javier Baez.  Great game.  In the end, it was funny to see Ken Rosenthal ask Baez about getting a curtain call, and it was obvious the language barrier hurt Baez with his answer... "You know... just dealing with it. You can't do anything else."


Final: Cubs 1 - Giants 0

And finally... watching the post game with Alex Rodriguez, Pete Rose and Frank Thomas, as much as I love seeing those guys there... it was clear to me that Thomas felt like he was sitting with a bunch of randoms.

I had to tweet this... because it was the first thing I thought of:

The painting in Goodfellas:

Now don't get me wrong, I love Pete Rose and I appreciate ARod very much... it just felt awkward to me, even though it probably wasn't.

Anyway... more baseball this weekend. #BYB will do our best to bring you as much coverage and interesting stuff as we can.

Stay with us every day!

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