Sunday, October 9, 2016


The Texas Rangers had the best record in the American League.  It didn't matter... a much hungrier Toronto Blue Jays team beat them in the ALDS.  They were more determined, had their fans behind them and they literally punched the Rangers in the gut.

There will be no recap at BYB tonight only to say that it was the right thing to do for Jeff Banister to at least question the slide to second base on that last double play attempt of the game, even though the WORLD knew the Blue Jays won that walk-off and series fair and square.  Banister was grasping for anything, to help his team out and extend their chances... but they really had none.  The check with the umps didn't matter, the Blue Jays were incredible in this series. 

Odor gets the error on the throw to first baseman Mitch Moreland on that double play attempt and Josh Donaldson did what hungry ballplayers should do... go hard, go fast and make things happen.

My son and I watched this game tonight and while we both can't stand to see the Blue Jays win and advance, 2 things came to mind.  For one, my son said to me, "You gotta wonder if the first baseman was a righty... would they have made that throw to home to sack out Donaldson?"  I agreed... if Prince Fielder was there, maybe it's easier to pivot the body and throw home. Maybe he would have been able to come off the bag to secure the ball and at least make sure Donaldson wouldn't try to go. Whatever the case, you can't second guess it at this point... it is just interesting and I was impressed my kid thought it through.

Secondly... the Blue Jays played hard tonight, and even though Texas fought this game... it wasn't enough... and so they go home... the Jays advance.

I tip my cap.

Final: Blue Jays 7 - Rangers 6

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