Monday, October 3, 2016


Today there will be no baseball for the New York Yankees.  That's because we didn't make the playoffs.

Now, to be honest, no one would have ever thought we'd get this far anyway, and with an 84-78 record on the season, I have to say... it's not too shabby.

We had turnover, stomach aches, some weeks and road trips were truly terrible. We also had life in our lineup and excitement at times. That's because the youth movement happened. The Yankees were full of emotions this season though and there were a lot of nice surprises and sad departures over this year.

It feels like just yesterday they announced that Aroldis Chapman would be suspended for domestic violence.  Now he is helping lead the charge with Kris Bryant and company in Chicago.

Carlos Beltran finally became a Yankee this season, homering, leading our team and really settling in. And then he was traded away for prospect Dillon Tate.  He too will be in the playoffs this year. Same with Andrew Miller and the Indians.

Alex Rodriguez retired mid-season and what I still think was alittle bizarre.  But when he walked away from the game, he finally appeared to get recognition from fans everywhere for his contributions in baseball.  You either love him or hate him, but you cannot deny his achievement and work ethic, and that night he left Yankee stadium for the last time, you could tell, the man was finally at peace.

Mark Teixeira left the game yesterday. Read TEXIT STAGE RIGHT... for more.  Tex was on a tear after he announced he would retire at the end of this season. Maybe that meant for him that the pressure was off, who knows. I can tell you this though, while I have never been a huge Tex fan, there is one thing he always had in this game... talent and class.

We saw the kids come up and surprise us all.  Gary Sanchez is a freak of nature, isn't he? He can hit and he can call a game behind the plate.  His defense is wonderful, and if it keeps up next season, we will have a solid future with he and the other kids, kind of like the Core Four days.

And Joe Girardi lost some hair, huh? Look, over all, seeing all the personnel coming in and out of the Yankee clubhouse, give credit to Joe. He dealt with a lot and was more frustrated than all of us, but we weren't supposed to do much this season at all... and we did better than expected.  I tip my cap to GI Joe.

But now it's over, and I'm relieved.  I'm relieved because I'm excited about 2017 and what will be.  the Yankees will no doubt fill some needs, one of which is the starting rotation.  I mean, CC Sabathia will be back, so will Tanaka, but we really have to look at what follows.  I mean, Luis Severino has proven he's talented, but maybe that relief role is his bag, and you know what? I'll take it!

Dellin Betances can be a closer, but it's my opinion that he's not there yet.  Nothing wrong with that... he's young and needs alittle more time.

Who knows if the Yankees will re-sign a guy like Aroldis Chapman, and maybe trade away Brian McCann.  We will have to see.

I do know this, while sad to see Tex tip his hat one last time... while the Yankees didn't make the playoffs... I have to say, I was excited to see it over for the Yanks.  It was a highly draining, emotional season.  And how it's over... thank God.

Bleeding Yankee Blue will continue to serve you though, that's because BYB is a 365 24/7 shop, although, we all have busy lives, we love what we do.  We will do our best to continue to give you the best coverage about the New York Yankees, baseball in general and well as life, but for the next couple days me and my writers will take it easy.  That's right, a much needed break.

We'll be back here and there with some thoughts and opinions over the next week, and we will write about the playoffs if we see fit, but we're exhausted and busy and so... yes... we're gonna take a short breather! Forgive us.

Thank you all for a wonderful season.  You are terrific, smart and outstanding group of readers and fans, and we appreciate you reading and having a dialog with us nearly every day.  You have no idea what it means to us!

But for the moment, we now turn the lights off... see you in a few days.


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