Saturday, October 22, 2016


Was anyone rooting for the Dodgers today? Everyone I spoke to said they wanted to see the Cubs "go all the way".  Well, tonight, the Cubs made history and they are now headed to the World Series where they will play the Cleveland Indians Tuesday night.

Kyle Hendricks was incredible. I gotta tell you, I didn't know much about Hendricks before tonight because I just never thought about him, but the guy is just outstanding in every way.  I mean, the biggest stage and he just delivers with such calmness.  Truly incredible job.

Guys like Rizzo, Baez, Bryant... guys like David Ross, Arrieta, Lester.  It's one of those teams that has such balance and energy young and old.  So much fun to watch. So much excitement for the city of Chicago!

Seeing Aroldis Chapman close it out just gave me goosebumps.  I'd like to think that the Yankees had a part in that and us fans are all rooting for guys like Chapman and Miller of the Indians hard because we know them... we saw them in our colors and now they move on the bigger and better things! How do you not get romantic about this sport??

Watching the post game, seeing the energy from the fans, it is such a relief considering all the aggravation and stress of our Presidential Election.  For the moment, We all stand with Chicago and are excited together!   Thank God!

By the way, BYB will have an incredible piece coming out early tomorrow morning about the Cubs and this season by Suzie Pinstripe. You NEED to read it and you need to share it.  It sums the whole thing up beautifully.

Final: Cubs 5 - Dodgers 0

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