Monday, September 26, 2016


While the world was watching the Presidential Debate, I, who am not political at all, watched the Yankees pull out a big win against the Blue Jays. It was a rally. But it didn't start that way...

The Yankees were down 3-2 until the 9th inning.  To be honest, it just looked like another loss for the Bombers. I mean, it makes sense... we've been on a slide for days.

But we didn't fade away tonight.  In fact, there was life.  In the 9th inning, it was Mark Teixeira hitting a solo shot to tie it 3-3.  Then, right after that, Aaron Hicks hit a 2 run homer scoring Didi Gregorius. Jacoby Ellsbury then singled knocking in 1 more run. It was then that Gary Sanchez sacrificed home Brett Gardner.  It was then 7-3.

In the bottom of the 9th, the Blue Jays knocked in 2, but the Yankees were able to hold them, Tommy Layne got the save, and in the end it was Adam Warren who collected the win.

And just like that, the Yanks won and kept hope alive for us Yankee fans.

Meanwhile in Miami, the most touching tribute I have ever seen took place. For Jose Fernandez, the Marlins players all wore a Jose Fernandez #16 jersey in his honor tonight.  They stood around the mound sobbing before the game began.

They then circled and with Giancarlo Stanton leading the charge, he told his teammates that they will get through it together.  Fighting off the tears they pointed to the sky.

A moment incredibly reminiscent of Reggie Jackson sobbing in the outfield the night Thurman Munson was honored after his death.  Teams coming together to honor a teammate, a family member in a very touching moment.

The moment was gut wrenching and right. And while Jose Fernandez was never a Yankee, he was apart of a baseball family. And if you don't understand that... look around the team you root for the next time there's a big moment or a horrible tragedy.  You will see a baseball community rally t o become one.  Look at the Yankees tonight with their big victory.  Look at the Marlins tonight after the loss of Jose Fernandez.

In the end, there is victory or tragedy every day of our lives.  But that's life... and sometimes it's not fair and sometimes it's very rewarding.  But we as human beings need to stop and look around once in a while. Take a deep breath. Hug your kids, your dog, the mailman.  Enjoy every moment... and if it's not a good one, surround yourself with family and friends, be strong and rally.  No matter what though, good or bad... rally hard... because in the end, in life... rallying is unity if you have people around you, you love.

Two stories of victory and tragedy tonight.  It's incredible how 2 drastically different emotions trickle out the same outcome.

Final: Yankees 7 - Blue Jays 5
Final: Marlins 7 - Mets 3

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