Thursday, September 22, 2016


I happened to be on Sportspyder today and I read a headline that another blog made. It made me spit out my coffee in laughter. The headline read The New York Yankees Should Consider Dealing Gary Sanchez In The Offseason. I'm not kidding. 

 Now, after all this New York Yankee team has been through, having old, broken down players, finally selling off valuable veterans, and collecting a pretty substantial haul of talented youth, and IN ADDITION, bringing up some youngsters who can finally play because the log jam was removed... why in all that's holy would the Yankees want to sell off Gary Sanchez?

He's young. He's our golden boy, and by the way, now we can actually be contenders next season with a young Yankee team.  I found the headline stupid... really provocative... and really stupid.

I dove in:

"What Sanchez has accomplished is simply unfeasible. Continuing at this rate, or three-quarters of it, would be unquestionably legendary.

With that said, it is not safe to assume it will continue. Sorry, Yankees’ faithful..."

OK, break that down for a second; every player levels out, but does that mean you just deal him before he does? I get value being up and all of that, but this is a KID with VALUE that's helping us turn the corner! Golden boy made a splash and it's the exact splash that the Yankee fan base has been looking for. Not only that, Yankee brass is loving this after the season we've had.  Flipping him for pitching is dumb. We can get pitching through free agents and trades with other players on the Yankee farm as well as other veterans... Brett Gardner anyone?  Here's more:

"Here are the crucial questions you need to ask yourself from a Yankees organizational perspective:

 If Billy Eppler dialed Brian Cashman and offered Mike Trout, a 25-year-old face of baseball, for Sanchez, do you do it?

If Michael Hill rung up the Yankees’ GM and offered Jose Fernandez, the epitome of an ace which the Yankees so desperately desire to climb over the hump in 2017 and beyond, does the well-respected GM take the deal?

If Farhan Zaidi made a bold call which featured a discussion involving Clayton Kershaw, a once-in-a-generation starting pitcher, do you entertain it?"

And so here's my question, and it's not crucial, it's just obvious... why would you assume, Trout, Kershaw or Fernandez WILL continue to be dominant or even be available? I mean, those are stars, but Sanchez could easily develop into one too. And I have news for you... the Dodgers are not looking to unload Kershaw.  The Angels will not trade Mike Trout and if the Marlins are looking to deal Fernandez, trust me, Brian Cashman is not giving up Gary Sanchez.

Fernandez, while good, has gotten slightly chunky of the years... a bit slower and not as incredible as he's been presented. But yea, still a catch. Bottom line, ALL players break down, but when you have something special, like Gary Sanchez is... you give him every opportunity to be great and not only that, you sell the crap out of that merchandise along the way.

Would the Yankees unload Sanchez?  If they did, they'd lose an entire fan base that would not cozy up to exchanging Gary for Kershaw, trust me. And to be honest, the Yankees are done with that stuff.  The Yankees are into the youth movement now.  We've seen the kids, we love the kids and we can't wait until more kids come up.  We are rebuilding and not trading away youth anymore.  And that's why I cannot get on board with such a ridiculous theory in my opinion.

Bottom line... being provocative is one thing. Being ridiculous is another. That's what this is.  Sorry Emmanuel Berbari of Elite Sports NY. I like your work. I don't like this one. In the grand scheme of things, with all the Yankees have done this season to turn things around, selling Gary Sanchez is definitely not on the agenda.

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