Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Anything involving Gary Sanchez these days is something you need to read, right?  But what if it's old news, will you still read it?

I remember a while back the White Sox were looking to try and snag Sanchez away from the Yankees.  We wrote GARY SANCHEZ IS A WHITE SOX TARGET. That was on July 9th when Sanchez didn't yet become the sensation he is now.  It was also right around the time that Chris Sale was casually being dangled by the Sox.   We wrote then that George King of the New York Post said the Sox like Gary and then I gave my own thoughts on what should happen. Granted, it was pure speculation, but then again... I'm not a 'baseball insider.'  Here is that excerpt:

"The White Sox inquired on Wednesday about Yankees catching prospect Gary Sanchez. The talks never got serious when, a source in the know said, the Yankees’ asking price was 'far too high.’

The White Sox are looking for a catcher after placing Alex Avila on the 15-day disabled list with a hamstring injury."

The Yankees have long touted Sanchez as the next big prospect.  Many in baseball have actually, so I have no reason to doubt what King is saying here about the Yankees asking price being "far too high.
If they do want to flip him to the Sox, they want a lot in return... I like where their head is at. Chris Sale anyone?"

Now, we all know what happens next. Sanchez became a Yankee sensation and while my idea made sense then, many if not all the Bleeding Yankee Blue readers were smart enough to figure out that trying to snag Sale made sense.  This is not brain surgery and this goes back to my many, many conversations about "Baseball Insiders".  That title was drooled out by a "baseball insider" and that title doesn't mean a thing.  How do I know?  That genius Jon Heyman wrote this today:

"Chicago sought Gary Sanchez in Sale talks with the Yankees. Good taste."

Freaking Genius... and 2 months too late.  I'm pretty sure Sale's contract expires after the 2017 season. We could either wait for that, or try to snag him next season... but at this point, definitely not for Gary Sanchez.

Most importantly though, I don't understand Heyman, nor do I get this latest headline in Pinstripe Alley: The White Sox asked for Gary Sanchez in Chris Sale trade talks with the Yankees.

What are we doing here?

I hate B.S.  He's an example of Click Bait B.S.

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