Sunday, September 11, 2016


I am absolutely loving this!

The Yankees won again and it's amazing and just check the standing guys:

The American League East is tightening even more with the Yankees just 3 out of first place!  In the Wild Card race, the Yanks are just 1 game out.  Who the hell would have guessed it?

Now, the Yankee fan base is insanely happy right now.  I think Suzie Pinstripe put it best in her post COULD CHRIS ARCHER END UP IN PINSTRIPES?, 

"I love Yankee baseball right now.  I really can't believe the transformation."

No one can Suzie, it's truly incredible.

The perfect mix of youth and veterans working together toward a common goal.  That is a suggestion we at Bleeding Yankee Blue have been screaming about for years.  That's because when the Yankees were on their tear in the mid-90's with the same formula. That's when we had a young Derek Jeter... and older Cecil Fielder.  A young Andy Pettitte, an older Mariano Duncan. A young Jorge Posada... and older Joe Girardi.  You get the idea.  Things are happening again folks!

Last night the Yanks won.  This time it was that combination again... a young Gary Sanchez with the older Jacoby Ellsbury homering and match that with a great pitching performance by Masahiro Tanaka and things were great! 

By the way, Tanaka is 14-3 this season.  Last night he went 7.1 and gave up just 5 hits and 1 run while striking out 10.  That one run was the only one the Rays would score.  The pen shut them down.

And here's an interesting stat that needs to be thrown out there.  Last night the Yankees only left 3 men on base. That means they are doing their job... and things are working... that's because they are playing good baseball.

More today folks, we need to keep climbing.  This is a run, isn't it? Let's try and sweep the Rays!  Go Yanks!

Final: Yankees 5 - Rays 1

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