Saturday, September 10, 2016


The Yankees are on a streak, and now with them being 1 game behind the Tigers and Orioles in the Wild Card, the last thing they can do right now is stop winning.  No pressure right?

Yankeeland is happy. The idea that these young players can put on a show like they've been doing is just so incredible. Last night it was Rob Refsnyder and Gary Sanchez.

Mix in a veteran named Mark Teixeira and suddenly we have a group of guys, young and old that are gelling at the right time.  Again though... we need to keep moving here.  It's an incredible run and it has woken up the Yankee fan base.

Michael Pineda was a mixed bag last night.  He gets way to emotional out there and there are times where he just needs to dig deep and pitch.  He's better than he's been pitching.  But he kept us in the game for as long as he could and to be honest, I didn't have a problem with him being removed with men on first and third.  At the time it was 7-2 and it was the third time around in the batting order for the Rays.  We all know what happens to Pineda the third time around.  And so, GI Joe did what he should have done, he pulled him for the pen, ultimately removing him from getting a Win.  That pissed of Big Mike, and you know what? Tough. Joe managed that game like a playoff last night and I applaud that.  He didn't over think it, but he did make the right move.

Most impressive last night was Sanchez, from the knees throwing down to second base to pick off the runner.  Corey Dickerson was not only too far off, he was in utter shock as Sanchez threw down, clocked at 84.1 mph.  It was incredible.  As Sanchez said of the play: "There's a plan between us... If they see [on the bench] that the runner's taking a big lead, there's a sign. They'll let me know, and I'll make the throw."

The Yankee streak is now at 6.  Keeping rolling gentlemen... we love this!

Final: Yankees 7 - Rays 5

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