Thursday, September 29, 2016


With Mark Teixeira’s walk-off Grand Slam last night, the Yankees are still 4 games back with 4 games to play this season. Wow.

Too bad Baltimore came back to beat the Toronto Blue Jays in the 9th last night or we could have gotten to 3 back.  I was always hoping we could at least get to the final weekend 3 games back or less to make it interesting. Now, we need to win today and the Orioles lose and we will enter the final weekend with a chance. It's brutal.  Down to the wire.

Detroit got a homer from Miguel Cabrera in the bottom of the 5th last night just before it started raining there. They ended up calling that game due to the rain, which is total BS. This was a crucial game, and they should have waited longer. Remember, the Yankees lost a game to the Padres after waiting about 5 hours for the rain to stop. 

The Tigers are 3 ahead of Yankees with only 4 games left, and their last 3 this weekend are against Atlanta, so if the Yankees take care of business against Baltimore this weekend, it is the Tigers that will most likely benefit.

At any rate, it was a nice ending for Tex to get a walk-off  Grand Slam against Boston with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th. (Read Casey's piece "TEX! YOU DONE REAL GOOD, KID!" for more.) At least we forced Boston to back in to the AL East title and took away a little bit of joy in their clinching night.

Another observation; For Tex, that was number 15. Meanwhile, McCann still hasn’t hit that 20th homer, yet Sanchez and Didi Gregorius have.  Interesting right?  Gary Sanchez will probably win Rookie of the Year with his 20 HR in only 2 months. I mean, after all, Michael Fulmer is his only real competition.

A lot's going on in my head right now... more soon.


--Douglas Solomon, BYB Guest Writer

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