Friday, September 23, 2016


Silly story and we won't entertain it here at BYB. Sorry to be a tight ass, but this is dumb. 

With the Yankees, there are always rumors that float out there... but this isn't even close to a rumor. It's more of a mention, and I'm telling you right now... don't bother biting... writes:

"According to Jon Heyman of Today's Knuckleball, Blue Jays slugger Edwin Encarnacion could be on the Yankees' radar when free agency arrives:
The Red Sox, who need to replace iconic DH David Ortiz, are an obvious option, as mentioned awhile back in this space. The Yankees, with Mark Teixeira retiring could be another one, though they have top young player Greg Bird coming back."

So... the rumor is... what?  Edwin Encarnacion is a free agent and American League teams will be looking at him? Not a rumor folks, reality.  "The Yankees... could be another one" as in another option where Encarnacion could land. Key word is "could". For the record, he also "couldn't." 

There is zero discussion, evidence, anything about this being serious and the Yankees have Greg Bird, part of the youth movement coming back anyway. And quite honestly, his back -up will be Tyler Austin... OR, vise versa.  The point is, there is nothing here with Edwin, we're good at first base and DH. Bottom line, as a reader, we were robbed!

I hate the rumor season almost as much as I hate Heyman writing anything. Because anything for him, is usually nothing.

Happy Friday.

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