Thursday, September 29, 2016


Quick note about a former Yankee kid.  Jesus Montero. Um... he's in trouble.

Jeff Todd of MLB Trade Rumors writes:

"Blue Jays Triple-A first baseman Jesus Montero has been slapped with a fifty game suspension after testing positive for a banned stimulant, the league announced. Montero was once a hyped prospect, but has been trying unsuccessfully to revive his career in recent years... Of course, Montero was originally a catching prospect; now that he’s limited to first base and DH duties, the bar is raised for his bat. It’s not clear what kind of opportunity he’ll have in the future. For one thing, he’ll need to serve his ban at the start of 2017; for another, it’s not his first, as Montero also took a fifty-game hit after he was caught up in the Biogenesis scandal."

I forgot about that whole Montero-Biogenesis connection.  And to be honest, that's terrible to find out this guy's been caught now twice.

It's amazing.  Remember how great it was when Yankee fans saw Montero for the first time in pinstripes?  Not anymore, huh?

My how the "mighty" has fallen.

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