Saturday, September 17, 2016


Here's something alittle different.

Despite the recent losses, the Yankees have the potential to be in the hunt! The kids are up and playing really well. CC is coming up big as of late. We are playing with house money this fall. Yes, we want Playoff Baseball in the Bronx, but considering what this club has done, I’d be happy to see them just start the shift to becoming a real contender in the near future. But hey, that’s the nice way of saying GET IT DONE,  BOYS!

So things are good for the most part. What is there to complain about? Hmm…. I GOT IT!

Think back to the 1st time you saw Star Wars. The original 1977 George Lucas Masterpiece of Sci-Fi Cinema. We all remember that opening scene and the emergence of Darth Vader. He was scary to be sure, but a bad ass at the same time. 

As the Sith Lord stepped over the slaughtered Rebels on Princess Lea’s ship I couldn't wait to hear him speak. The heavy breathing made him so menacing that even as a little kid I knew his voice would be dominating. And then he spoke. As he held up a poor Rebel by the throat, choking the life from him, the booming tones of James Earl Jones sounded from the black mask. It was epic!

You're saying, "Where the hell are you taking us, Mikey?!" I’ll tell you...

 What if after all that build up, when Lord Vader spoke his voice was…Ryan Seacrest? Seriously. Imagine that. “You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor! Take her away! Vader. Out.”  We’d be nauseated. Arguably the greatest villain of all-time would have been seen as a joke with bad asthma.

That’s the way I fell EVERY TIME I hear Yankee PA announcer Paul Olden. I really think that at any minute instead of announcing the next batter he’s going utter, “Aloha and welcome aboard the Walt Disney World Monorail to the Magic Kingdom!” He sounds like an easy listen station DJ. 

We went from “The Voice of God” the late, great Bob Sheppard to “The Voice of Kmart Shoppers”! It is just another awful feature of the Mall that is the New Yankee Stadium. Bob’s voice was Yankee Baseball. It was booming, one of a kind, the GREATEST OF ALL-TIME! Paul’s is…well, that high school teacher that wants to be cool. I actually whisper to myself at games announcing Yankee hitters in my best Bob Sheppard voice. I still will randomly announce my son’s name as Mr. Sheppard.

Your attention please, Ladies and Gentlemen. Now batting, for the Yankees, number 31, the left fielder, Dave Winfield, number 31.” That was literally my favorite thing to hear at the Stadium as a kid. Now? I just hope the end of the game version of “New York, New York” is Frank and not Liza! 

What the F is that, by the way?!!!

Hey, I don’t know Paul Olden. I’m sure he is a nice guy and his voice is pleasant. BUT I DON’T WANT that as the voice of the Big Ballpark in the Bronx!!

OK. Rant over. 


** Lord Vader and Lord Bob **

--Mike O'Hara, Senior "Features" Writer 
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