Friday, September 16, 2016


I don't like the way this is going down.  It stinks!

If you know anything about the way Bleeding Yankee Blue has operated in 2016, you know that recaps, for the most part, are out the window.  We don't do them... only once in a while and especially on big wins.  But this is a huge series, and this is important and so, here we are with alittle opinion.

Early last week we were on top of the world. The last 2 games we lost, and suddenly we lost the 3rd in a row, and 2 against the Sox. I want to punch someone in the face I'm so aggravated.

The Sox won 7-4 tonight.  But here's the best part of tonight.  Billy Butler cranked out a 2 run homer to try and get the Yankees to rally in Fenway.  It totally wasn't enough, but the reality is, this is a new guy with a totally lame club right now. Think about this for a second; the Yankees could have potentially been a game out of first or at least tied for first place in the American League division if they were shooting on all cylinders by the end of this weekend.

But momentum is a crazy thing... and when Dellin Betances blew his save the other night... and then blew it against Hanley Ramirez again last changed the entire landscape for the Yanks.  The Yankees are in trouble folks... big time.  And now, more than before, we need Joe Girardi to lead us.

Can we do this? I'm not sure anymore, folks.  When you look at the schedule, it really doesn't get much easier.

 2 more games against the Red Sox. 3 against the Rays. 4 against the Blue Jays. Then a 4 game series against the Red Sox at home and 3 against the O's in the Bronx as well. That's it.  Tough doesn't begin to describe this next several games.  If we don't shape up... it's over Johnny. 

I leave you with this. American League East:

Wild Card:


Final: Red Sox 7 - Yankees 4

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