Saturday, September 3, 2016


Gangrene is a terrible necrosis caused by a critically insufficient blood supply. It's life threatening and sounds terrible. Gang Green is the only way I can describe last night.  The Yankees did not score and Chad Green was not only not very good... but now he's hurt. 

I'm not a Chad Green fan.  I know he's a major league pitcher doing his thing and I appreciate that.  But I feel like the media is falling all over this guy because the Yankees "see potential".  I'm not buying it, I apologize for that.

Last night, he got shelled, but unfortunately he also got hurt and that sucks. LoHud writes:

"The MRI is scheduled for tomorrow.

'He just said he felt like he couldn’t extend on his pitches to the last hitter or so," Girardi said. "It’s worrisome.'

Green did not sound panicked, but no pitcher feels a problem in his elbow without thinking of Tommy John surgery.

'I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t (a thought),' Green said. 'But I’m hoping it’s nothing serious. Never had any problems before. Just see what happens.'"

The Yanks lost 8-0. It wasn't only Green that helped dig us into a hole. The whole bullpen laid an egg. 

And now this is no longer a situation where we can look at a loss and say, "Hey, we'll get them tomorrow, don't worry about it."  WE HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IT, we are close here.  The Yankees need to win the Wild Card. Bad games happen yes, but now they have to win them all regardless.  Dig deep.

Not much more to say here.  Yanks need to turn it around today, no excuses.  

And we wish Green well.  Hopefully he's OK.

Final: Orioles 8 - Yankees 0

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