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I think one would be hard-pressed to find a more polarizing figure in sports than Tim Tebow. You either love him or hate him. For those that love him, he can do no wrong and there is no dream that is impossible for him to catch. Then there are those of us who just do not understand why he hasn't joined the rest of us on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams already.

If you can recall during his tenure in the NFL (8-6 as a starter), his ambition at the time was to be a full-time starter with a long, prosperous career and then reality started to kick in. People started to see Mr. Tebow just did not have the talent level to compete in the NFL. 

ESPN gave him a college analyst job, yet there was a stipulation put in there by Tebow stating that although he is working for the network, he is still seriously considering a career in football and that took precedent. Dream job as an analyst on ESPN making great money on a multi year deal not good enough, I guess? Although there are broadcasters who would've killed for the opportunity that was given to him based simply on nothing other than media attention.

And this is where as a football and sports fan, I begin to find this man to be a bit arrogant. No one is taking away the amazing accomplishments in college, I get all that, but the Pros are an entirely different game, and it seemed as if he wasn't able to come to terms with his talent only being able to take him so far.

Flash forward to his "workout" for 27 MLB teams including my beloved Yankees. Not only was this covered by various media outlets including Bleeding Yankee Blue and MLB but the NFL covered it as well. 

Tebow was quoted saying football is in the past and it's no longer his ambition. But a career in the big leagues is suddenly. Never mind the countless nameless faces that are far more talented and have worked way harder than he has in the minors or in college. They may never get a shot or the exposure... but Tebow gets that opportunity.  Why? What's that based on? Absolutely nothing.

I find myself hard-pressed to find the appeal with Tebow. When he did have an opportunity in the NFL he seemed more concerned with proselytizing than football. I would frequently discuss with friends how I thought he was basically just wanting to be a quarterback for the media exposure for his eventual turn as a pastor in some mega church in Florida. My point is, I just see what others see in Tebow.

This is a love affair between Tim Tebow and the media. Tim wants the attention and they are willing to give it because he is click bait. Why else would the NFL commemorate a man whose record was 8-6?

I am of the opinion that this Tebow tryout is a publicity stunt. Never once during his NFL tenure did he mention possibly playing baseball at some point if his NFL career failed. His dream was about the NFL and all about being the quarterback. I hate to break it to him but it's not any easier to get into the Bigs. 

Not only is the competition intense, but the number of people vying for that same position he wants has now multiplied. Will he be content sitting on a single A team bench watching, learning, absorbing, and listening? That may not be enough for him. If his history is any indicator, it will be something he is not satisfied with.

Someone finally convinced him that a football career was out of the question. I just wish that same person had had the good sense of sitting down with him and having the same discussion about baseball.  I don't get it and I don't buy it either.

By the way, thank you to Bleeding Yankee Blue and to Robert Casey for the opportunity to express my opinion on this hot topic.  

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