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Quick note about an awesome woman! As you know we love Laura Posada here at Bleeding Yankee Blue and it's been a while, but we wanted to share a few recent pictures of Laura and Jorge and talk about all Laura's been doing lately.  After all, as many of you know, Laura has her own website and own career as a certified life coach among other things. is a terrific site for a ton of great info.

In fact, I was particularly taken by some of the great stuff in her media section of the site. Amazing opinion and tips about health, life and living it to the fullest.  Her media page is HERE. My favorite has to be her piece titled simply How to feel better about your life.

Life can get nuts sometimes.  Life can be busy.  Sometimes you're tired, you can get negative, you can get angry, and ultimately it will eat you up inside.  For me personally, I like to take some time out in my busy schedule and sit in a dim room for about 20 minutes, maybe sip a glass of red wine, maybe just close my eyes.  No kids, no music, nothing.  And for me, it's just about recharging my battery and brings me back to a positive state. I recently wrote in EDITORIAL: THE DAY AFTER the following:

"My wife and I love raising them to be strong men.  We speak to them openly about being kind, working hard and knowing ones worth.  I'm not terribly religious, and it's not about that for me.  It's about being a good person."

What I should have added was positive.  I try to be, maybe not enough, but I do.  Anyway, I love what Laura wrote here, and here's an excerpt:

"One day we wake up, and despite having a life filled with blessings, a stable partner, loving children, financial security, a job we enjoy, we feel a kind of emptiness, and instead of appreciating what we have and what we have had the opportunity to live, we decide to feel sorry for ourselves and feel bitter... This, in principle, is not bad, as excellence is something desirable and commendable, but when we impose unrealistic, endless goals, we ultimately end up frustrate...
  • People who learn to live in the present, overcoming traumas from the past and not obsessing about the future, are generally happier 
  • Be thankful for what you have instead of focusing on what you don’t have 
  • Take time to self-analyze and to reflect 
  • Avoid comparing your life with the lives of others 
  • Understand that money doesn’t change life as much as it seems 
  • Remember that happiness is a personal decision 
  • Feel compassion for and help others. 
  • Make changes in your life if it is necessary and welcome these changes.

Now look. I merely gave you a brief, brief highlight of what Laura speaks about in her article. YOU MUST READ IT. You will find that it can change your perspective on life and make you a much happier person. I swear!

Over the years, I've learned to cool my jets when things don't go my way. I've managed to step back and review a situation, try to make sure I see the big picture. I've learned patience, enjoy what I do at work, love writing more, enjoy my family more than writing and I try to laugh a lot. I look to conquer goals, I teach my kids the same and instill hard work and respect lessons in my life with my wife and kids.  Ultimately, reading Laura's advice has helped me so much and trust me when I tell you, it will help you too.

Look, many look at Laura and they see this stunning woman who's married to Jorge Posada.  There is so much more.  She's a strong woman, smart as heck and full of energy and amazing advice.  When we wrote BONDING OVER PASSION back in December 2015, I wrote this:

"As she told me once, "'It's my turn.'  She's already quite accomplished, she's an attorney and certified life coach, but she's constantly on social media inspiring people to be their best them and teaches people to work hard for what you want in live, and not only that... she leads by example. She's positive. She's inspiring.  She's passionate. "

And nothing's changed. Plus, she's raising 2 great kids and is still madly in love with Jorge.  We LOVE HER here at BYB!

So what's the point of this? Be positive! Be healthy!  Be happy!  And be sure to check out Laura's site and all she does.  She's an amazing woman! Thanks for keeping it real and honest Laura... this free plugs for you!

Say hi to Jorge for us. From everyone here at BYB.

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