Monday, September 19, 2016


He may not be playing in a Yankee uniform yet but it looks like Greg Bird is back in the beginning stages of baseball activity.  It's a shame when injuries happen, especially since he was definitely missed this season but it sounds like he is making progress. It's been a long season without him, so what is he up to?

According to multiple sources on the Internet he's back to some baseball activities but has some good information HERE. Bird has spent most of his time down in Florida rehabbing at the minor league complexes but was at Yankee stadium recently and seemed to be in good spirits.

Bird has been swinging a bat since August and will face live pitching for the first time since his injury on the the 26th which is just in time for his trip down to the Arizona Fall League that will start next month. This will be his second trip down to the Arizona Fall League and back in 2014 he was named MVP. I know the Yankees will be excited to get him some at bats and get him ready for spring training. I will even be excited to get another chance to see him down in Fall ball.

So now that I have admitted that I am excited to see Greg Bird back in action it is my first step to saying one last goodbye to Mark Teixeira. I will be sorry to see Tex go, but excited to see a new beginning for the team as the youth movement begins.

I am glad that the Yankees are going to send Bird back to the Arizona Fall league. My gut tells me that Bird is going to need the work this fall because as many times as we have all talked about Bird being the new Yankees first basemen, he will be rusty while trying to compete for a new job.

Spring Training is going to be interesting. Some people may think that Tyler Austin may be a long shot as the regular first baseman because he is rather inexperienced and learning the position he has made a big difference to the Yankee lineup this season. He will also be hungry, rested and in shape to fight for a spot. Bird is not guaranteed to replace Mark Teixeira. He may be the favorite, but he will have to remind the Yankees what they saw in him back in 2015 and then earn that spot back.

Injuries are never easy to come back from, especially not when they make you miss an entire season. I am excited to see him down in Arizona again and hope that once Spring Training rolls around that we see another piece of the NEW New York Yankees. If you cant BIRD YOUR ENTHUSIASM until then, you can always check out the Scottsdale Scorpions (the Yankees team) down in the Fall league and check out the schedule HERE.

I know I am a little early with this, but even I can't help myself. I caught the Bird Flu or Bird fever. Well something like that....welcome back, Bird.

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer & Editor
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