Tuesday, August 16, 2016


You're gonna love this nugget.

It's about Tyler Austin, Nick Swisher and the Bleacher Creatures.  The story is from LoHud:

"As the Bleacher Creature roll call made its way around the field on Saturday, Tyler Austin stood at first base knowing exactly what to do when his name was called. It was his first big league game, and upon hearing the crowd chant his name, Austin turned to the right-field bleachers and saluted.

If it looked familiar, it was for good reason.

 It was a tribute to Nick Swisher.

'The amount of respect that I have for him and the way he carries himself every single day and goes about his business,' Austin said. 'Just the way he plays the game, it’s amazing to watch him play and watch him work. So I did that because of him.'

Austin and Swisher played together in Triple-A this year, and that’s where they really got to know one another, but Austin got the idea to follow Swisher’s lead years ago."

We all miss Swish, but this is like the passing of the torch so to speak. Old Yankees are going away... like Nick, Alex, Teixeira... and new ones are coming in and shining... Austin, Judge, Sanchez... even Chad Green impressed us all last night.

I just got all fuzzy inside reading this... I had to share it.  We are Tyler Austin fans here at BYB.


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