Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Do you care about Big Papi? I certainly don't.  I view the man as a selfish player, a guy that skated most of his Red Sox career under the cloud of PEDs.  In short, I guess he kisses the right ass.  Who really knows...

Now, I'm not sure how I missed this, but I did, and I wanted to bring it to your attention now at least so you can get as annoyed as I am.

Bleacher Report did a Big Papi All-Star Team of his era.  You read that correctly... they actually took the time to ask Ortiz who he would put on his 'All-Star' team.  Here's the Tweet:
I know, I threw up in my mouth too. He forgot to add Bud Selig as his commissioner... you know, the one who protected him all these years.

Any, I found the whole exercise to be ridiculous.  Never mind the fact that he didn't choose his friend Alex Rodriguez.  But the bigger question is why?  Why should anyone care about this?  NJ.com even expanded on it...

"Here's what the Red Sox star said about his Yankee picks: 

 Cano: "I thought Chuck Knoblauch was the one player who I thought was going to dominate that position for a long time. But once you got to see [Dustin] Pedroia and Robinson Cano play, they took that position to another level. Looking at Cano, you're looking at a third baseman playing second base with good range. He makes everything look like he's not even trying." 

Jeter: "The Captain was a champ. He was the guy you want to play for your team at shortstop for the next 20 years. He had consistency over the years. He may go down as the best shortstop of all time because he won so many championships. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. That's what it's about. To compete against Jeter was incredible. I played against him tons of times. It was a competition. You wanted to beat him, but you enjoyed watching him do his thing. There was respect."

Rivera: "He had one pitch [his cut fastball]. You knew it was coming, but it didn't make a difference." 

Interestingly, Ortiz didn't select Alex Rodriguez at either position that the the three-time AL MVP won the award at: Shortstop or third base. While Jeter's longevity at the position makes sense as the reason to pick him, Ortiz did admit that A-Rod was the better player at shortstop before making the position switch when landing in New York in 2004."

I also find it unbelievable that Papi picks Can over his own teammate  Dustin Pedroia.  Everyone knows that's wrong.

But let's be honest, this isn't Ortiz thinking hard and long about who should play were... this is Papi choosing his friends and once again getting unneeded press.  Either I'm in the minority here... or this guy is a big teddy bear.  Who knows, I just can't understand it.

Whatever the case, I missed it, I'm sorry... but now you see it.  Carry on.

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