Friday, August 5, 2016



Quick birthday shout out to my man, Dan Lucia.  Dan is one of our BYB Writers and literally came to me seeing if BYB needed help a while back.  We were already pretty established and "full", but there was one thing that I liked about Dan.... he didn't go away.  He'd check in once in a while, and eventually he broke me down. He wanted to write, and I like persistence... we're cut from the same cloth.

Since Dan has been at BYB we have turned it up a notch.  Between the great work that he and the rest of the staff crank out for you every day, we've published some really great stuff... including one of my all time favorites from him... alittle piece called WHAT KEEPS ME GOING, a story about his cousin Michael and his fight.  Please take a second and read it. You'll fall in love.

(In Photo: A rare rest for Danny Lucia) 

Dan's a family man, hard working and a baseball coach like myself.  He never stops working and doing and helping kids grow.  He's dedicated to his craft, and I don't mean writing... I mean life.  He is always there for his family... and always there for the kids he coaches.

I got to know Dan since he came over to BYB... and he's one of the nicest, toughest guys I know.  Today's Dan's birthday.  Do the right thing... find him on Facebook or Twitter (@DmanLucia) and wish him a Happy Birthday.

Dan, thanks for your service... and thanks for your dedication to not only BYB, but to anything you put your mind to. Keep inspiring.

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