Monday, August 29, 2016


It's been almost a year that my other half and I started dating. We instantly bonded over our love of baseball even though we have some very different opinions on things. Just like my love for the Yankees will never die there are certain things with us that have never changed.....yet.

Yes, the keyword here is "YET" because I am still not giving up. Almost a year ago I wrote HOW TO CONVERT A NON-YANKEE FAN and it really was the start of our story. Everything always would come back to how I would eventually trade in what he calls "prison stripes" for Angels gear. It still hasn't happened. In fact, last year we took a trip to Anaheim together. We were a few blocks away from Angels stadium and he didn't even take me to see his beloved Angels stadium. You would think he would want to show me where his precious Mike Trout plays but noooooo... there was no trip to Angels stadium for us.

This is where I have the upper hand. I may not have taken a trip to Angels stadium but this summer I did get him to go to Yankee stadium with me to watch a game. He may have worn his ugly Angels hat into the building but it was a step in the right direction. He won't admit to it but I am one step closer to converting him especially since we took pictures together in front of Yankee stadium. Those pictures have mysteriously disappeared since he says the picture "didn't save" BUT there are 12 other witnesses who were there and know that the picture happened. He also took home a nice souvenir back home with us. He now has a Didi Gregorious bobble head to add to his collection that is visibly displayed in the house. I pencil that as a "W" for another win!

Since we have come home he has admitted that Yankee stadium is "NICE" and must know that it is nicer than Angels stadium because he won't bother to make any comparisons to his stadium but he is very quick to say that both Citi Field and Petco are nicer than Yankee stadium. I've never been to either stadium, but you can't trust the judgment of an Angels fan.

It's been an interesting year. Both of our families insist that we won't be able to convert each other but I have made some serious progress! I have Yankee collectibles in his house and he has come to my territory. I have the upper hand here, it may take some time but I think I will have him wearing pinstripes soon enough.

I am a Yankee girl on a mission!

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer & Editor
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