Thursday, August 11, 2016


(Photo Credit: John Wilcox)
I don't like to see any player hurt... but sometimes karma takes over, and David Ortiz needs a slice of reality... his behavior may have finally caught up with him.

Ortiz got hurt last night in the Yankees win over the Red Sox.  I didn't feel bad.  When it happened, I was thrilled, and maybe it's just me being annoyed with the way this guy has presented himself all these years.

Papi is a liar.  Papi is a selfish player.  I always found that that New York Times article from July 2009 about him being on a PEDs list from 2003 was very telling.  Granted, PEDs weren't restricted until after that, but you don't show up on a banned substance list is you don't take banned substances... you know what I mean?  I don't like the way he skates. I don't like the way he gets defensive when people ask him about it.  I don't like that he doesn't understand why press is ALLOWED to ask him about it. 

I found it odd that Bug Selig praised this man in Major League Baseball for years. At the same time Selig was looking to turn ARod to the gas chamber for PED use, he was hugging Papi on public television.

Most of all though, I couldn't believe the balls of this guy to think that he actually deserved a farewell tour. He's not Derek Jeter.  We wrote about that. Read THERE'S NO WAY PAPI'S MORE BELOVED THAN JETER... shout out to Suzie Pinstripe on an instant #BYBClassic.

But karma is a powerful thing and sometimes it's refreshing to sit back and watch people that are powerful in their own mind crumble. I found it hysterical that his Ortiz Bobblehead night was cancelled. Now granted, it was shattered because of an utterly, racially offensive bobblehead, but my point is, another Ortiz celebration didn't happen.  That works for me.

And when the injury happened last night, I smiled.  No, I'm not the devil. I wish harm on no one... but some folks need a dose of reality... and now it's Papi's turn.  That's all I'm saying.

This article is pointed... I do not like David Ortiz.  Red Sox fans will hammer me and I get that, but much like they hate all of our Yankee players... I have opinions about a few Sox ones.  But let me be clear... I was a Wade Boggs fanatic when I was a kid... I love Dustin Pedroia. I believe Mookie Betts is totally awesome and I'm a big Yankee fan.  I just don't feel the same about Ortiz. There's something "off" and I'm hoping it comes to a head soon.

I believe that for far too long, David "Big Papi" Arias believes his shit don't stink... but it does... it stinks real bad.

Sometimes Karma reigns down. Maybe it's raining.... 

Sorry... just an opinion.

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