Thursday, August 11, 2016


Some players just look better in other uniforms.  Ivan Nova is one of them. He looks bad ass as a Pirate. Just saying.  I never disliked Nova, I just didn't like the inconsistency.  As you know, Nova was traded to the Pirates for players to be named.  We still don't know there names, but I have info...

Follow News writes:

"Ivan Nova was traded to the Pirates for two players to named later, and after the trade, Brian Cashman told reporters the Yankees will pick those players from a list after the season. They’ll spend the next few weeks scouting before making a decision."

Cashman has revealed that the players will be "legitimate".  Who knows what that means, but if you check out the Pirates prospects, there are several that Cashman will choose from. Click HERE.

(In Photo: Austin Meadows)
I'm personally a fan of Austin Meadows who's an outfielder, although we don't really need any of those anymore.  Other guys I'd like to see in pinstripes are righty pitcher Chad Kuhl, or even lefty Brandon Waddell or Stephen Tarpley, another lefty.

(In photo: Chad Kuhl)
I guess we'll have to see, but I am curious and excited to see who they will be.

And good luck to Nova, by the way.  Maybe that black and gold and change of scenery will help out with his consistency.  I wish him well.

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