Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I am not a Chad Green fan.  It doesn't mean I can never be one. Eventually, I can be.  I honestly just don't get how much praise this guy gets because every time I watch him, he shits the bed.  That being said, I didn't watch him tonight, and tonight the kid pitched a gem. Just my luck...

Tonight for Green...6 innings pitched and he gave up only 2 hits tonight, but for a while there, there was a perfect game going, and then a no hitter... and then this:
Gotta love baseball. 

Whatever the case, it didn't matter, the Yankees were up 1-0 on the Iron Giant's RBI double and then the Yankee pen was able to hold the Blue Jays.

But there still is that little problem of runs scored for our New York Yankees.  The Yankees left FOURTEEN men on base tonight and were 2-18 with runners in scoring position.  That's not bad folks... that's horrendous.  And I have news for you... that comes from a hitting coach.  You can't be a major league club and consistently leave runners on base like that... it's outrageous.

A few players to praise tonight. Judge, 2-3 tonight. Gary Sanchez, 2-3 tonight. That's big.  Youth movement is happening, folks.  We'll have a tremendous feature for you tomorrow morning with more on that.  Be sure to check BYB in the morning.

But back to Green for a second.  Did he do great tonight? Absolutely. Will he continue to do this great? He may, but I doubt it.  Am I warming up to Green? Sure I am.  I'll warm up to any player that puts his heart and sweat out there and gets the win. Green's included... I'm happy for the kid! Nice win.

Final: Yankees 1 - Blue Jays 0

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