Monday, August 1, 2016


I am not the biggest Eduardo Nunez fan by far, but I liked Nunie as much as the next fan.  Actually, watching him in a Giants' uniform on national television this weekend, I think I like him even more.  I felt like a proud Mama watching Nunez scoop up ground balls and take swings like the All Star he has become with the Minnesota Twins.  He even got a game tying double with the bases loaded in Saturday's game against the Nationals, his first two RBIs since becoming a Giant.  Sure, he has always lacked consistency and had more errors than I would like any MLB player to have, but he holds his own and he most certainly drew the attention of Giants' General Manager Bobby Evans who needed some insurance in the field as the team's post season seems more and more a reality.

"As we look at the rest of the season, we just want to have the protection of (Nunez's) experience -- given the time these guys [Joe Panik, Matt Duffy and Hunter Pence] have missed and how much time they may need to have off down the stretch," reports Fox Sports.  Smart planning for a club who has seen more post season and quite frankly, media coverage than any other team in the last decade.  We could learn a little something from this crew.

Nunez has grown up to be a player who is very much valued.  "Here’s a guy who was expected to be a bench bat for the Twins this season after succeeding in the role last year, and two and a half months into the season manager Paul Molitor is joking that his own biggest struggle regarding Nunez is finding time to rest him." Nunez said that the key for him has been playing more consistently. "Before I was getting one shot every week, so it’s hard to make adjustments. … I think I’m the same player, I just have more opportunity to play, so you can prove more, you can show more what you can do," stated Nunez in an interview earlier this season.

So the fact that his hard work and consistent playing time has gotten him to one of the best teams in baseball is like winning the lottery or making it to the Olympic Games.  This journeyman/utility player has finally made it to a team that values his efforts and could get him a shot deep into the post season, if not the World Series.  Sometime the good guy wins and for Nuni, I am so proud of his grit and determination.  I can't wait to see this guy shine in San Fran!

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Senior Staff Writer
BYB Hot Stove Columnist
Twitter: @suzieprof

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