Friday, August 26, 2016


 The answer is... Yes!

I know... it seems utterly ridiculous based on the way this season has gone, but ladies and gentlemen... there is definitely a chance.  I mean it!

Look, the Yankees as of late have been surging... kind of. I mean, that's what the headlines will have you believe...Sporting News for instance "Royals, M's, Yankees surging, but AL wild-card berth still in the distance", but they are getting wins as of late, this is true.  Couple that with the youth movement coming up, guys like Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez giving a nice push demonstrating talent, a new energy... and the fact that we as a club could potentially knock the Orioles down a few notches this weekend, and we got something here.

What has happened to our Yankees is what many of us have been waiting for for a long, long time.  The kids are playing like they did back in the mid-90s and with that, the kids are winning as well. 

You have guys like Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez knowing that now is probably a good time to hang it up. Trust me, acknowledgments like that go a long way because it allows us to bring in new personnel!

You have CC Sabathia looking like an old ace, love this! I'm telling you, things are gelling believe it or not.  And look at the Wild Card standings.  Yankees are just 4.5 out.  Orioles lead that ranking: 

Plus, it's August 26th. There are still 36 games to play (including todays game).  That's plenty to make a move.  Now granted, we will be playing a very good Red Sox team, the Blue Jays are in there, the Orioles again, it will not be easy, but as I said the other day in SABATHIA STILL HAS IT FOLKS,

"With alittle help from the planet's aligning, the Yankees digging deep and alittle help from other teams losing a bit... there is a chance. Slim, but possible."

Even Girardi said this about our Wild Card chances...

"I think our guys believe, because when you think about it, we're [playing a lot of games] in our division... And those are … a lot of the teams that we're chasing. … The opportunity is there."

While I fully admit I've watched less games this season, due to a busy life and me being emotionally checked out when it comes to the Yankees... I will tell you... looking big picture... Joe is 100% correct.  The opportunity to squeak in with a Wild Card spot is definitely there.

Now, do I like winning the Wild Card? Nope, I hate it.  I feel that there should be no Wild Card.  That being said... after the season we have had... I think that it will bring the Yankee fan base alittle hope and bring the team alittle confidence going into the 2017 season.  And if this is what it takes... well, by gum... I'm in.

Enjoy your Weekend. Go Yanks!

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