Tuesday, August 16, 2016


So there was major speculation from "baseball insiders" the last few days all taking my idea that the Marlins was a logical landing spot for Alex Rodriguez.  I went into that theory telling everyone that reads BYB that while there is actually NO chatter surrounding that hypothesis... it makes sense only because of location and the fact that he's out of his contract with the New York Yankees...THAT'S IT.  BYB even wrote in AND NOW THE CURTAIN FALLS... the following:

"You have to believe that Alex will now go home to Miami, enjoy his family and live his life only to come back next spring as a Yankee advisor at Spring Training.  But there's an imaginary man on my shoulder who keeps whispering to me that there is nothing that can hold Alex back from playing a few games down the stretch this year with a team that is willing to take a chance on a power hitter like Alex Rodriguez.  A team that has a chance to win in the playoffs.  A team that always wanted to see ARod in their uniform.  Hey... it's baseball, it's business and you know how this works.  Alex no longer has to do what the Yankees say this season. It will be interesting to see what happens for the remainder of the baseball season... that's all I'm saying."

And then, after a frenzy of "baseball insiders" suggesting the Marlins reached out to Alex and reporters pressing Marlins management to day anything remotely close to "We'd consider Alex", I am happy to report that Alex, through a statement from his publicist suggested there will be no playing baseball for the remainder of 2016:

"I want to put all this talk to rest about Alex playing for any team this season: It's not happening... Like he said Friday night, he is happy and he is going to take some time to relax and hang with his family and friends." 

My favorite from all the 'baseball insiders' was Jon Heyman's suggestion that Loria had a "keen interest" in signing Alex.  Fun, right?

Bottom line... no Marlins for Alex in 2016.

But there's always 2017... just saying.

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