Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I saw the presser the other day like many of you did.  I saw an Alex Rodriguez that had a deal in place with the Yankees to quit the team Friday, only to come back the next season as a Special Advisor to the Yankees in 2017.  I found it interesting and a win, win for both sides, especially because Brian Cashman was so complimentary of ARod's baseball mind and all he can do to help the Yankees with future talent.  I found it to be a nice way to get passed the dark days of Alex in pinstripes.  I figured, "The Yankees and Alex have found common ground and they are moving forward." Great.

Since then, it made perfect sense to me that the Yanks would play the guy instead of to continuing to humiliate him by riding the pine.  They haven't played the guy, they clearly have no intention of playing the guy even though Joe Girardi indicated that he'd eventually play.  Suddenly the match-ups don't work and Alex is still on the bench.  Hell, if you have Fenway Park shouting for ARod (Probably to boo him when he's announced), at least realize that as the New York Yankees manager, you're kind of being a jack ass.  The guy's last game is Friday. Give him a last shot for Christ's sake. After all, this Yankee team kind of sucks. Alex isn't going to exactly hurt things, you know what I mean?

Now has this nugget... "The Yankees' "mutual" separation with Alex Rodriguez hit a new level of awkwardness on Tuesday night, when Rodriguez found out he would not be in the lineup for Tuesday's loss to the Red Sox, or for Wednesday's game. 

Rodriguez was taken aback, as he had been under the impression Yankees manager Joe Girardi would allow him to play all three games in Boston, as well as Friday's farewell game at Yankee Stadium against the Rays before he is unconditionally released. And yes, Girardi told reporters Sunday he would let A-Rod play all four games if he wanted to. 

But, something clearly changed. And Gov. Chris Christie has a hunch. 

'I'm only speculating here, but this sounds like (team president) Randy Levine,' Christie said Wednesday morning while co-hosting WFAN's Boomer and Carton Show. 'It sounds like Randy Levine just whispered in Girardi's year, and said, 'No shot.''

'Remember, [Rodriguez] killed Levine. ... That's why I think it's Levine.'"

Now no one know who Christie is outside of the Tri-state area.  But he's the New Jersey Governor, and while his opinion virtually means nothing, it is interesting and kind of makes sense.

But there's more to it.  I was thinking about how humiliating this is for Alex, and sure, while Alex hurt the Yankees with PEDs use, they appear past it by Cashman's demeanor the other day.  So what gives?

If I'm Alex, I get the last laugh. Screw this crap. I walk out on my last game ever as a New York Yankee, shake hands and smile, clean out my locker, fly home to Miami, and sign with the Marlins for 2017.  Why? Because this whole thing just got stupid.

What does it matter to Alex that he's a special advisor in New York if he's shamed the last week of his professional baseball career? No player wants to go out like that. Bottom line, the guy did some pretty incredible things in his career, and yes, he did some dirty too, but he was a dynamic baseball player.  Did he make bad decisions? Sure he did, he screwed up big time, but the bottom line is there is no reason for the way the Yankees are treating this guy.

That being said, it kind of falls in line with how they treat their heroes, doesn't it? Look at what they did to Bernie Williams in 2006, leaving him high and dry.  It took a while for them to open their eyes to that Clusterfuck and eventually they brought him back to retire his number.

And how about Jorge Posada? Remember that mess? Eventually the same drill.  Now comes Alex, and while it's probably blasphemy to even say his name with the other 2, it's just crap.  Again.... he announces Sunday it's his last week in baseball, and the Yankee sit him.  I just don't get it.

And so Alex needs payback.  Alex, if you're reading this, you don't deserve the humiliation. Leave the Yankees Friday... go home to Miami... go work out a deal with the Marlins.  Get a season in with Donnie... go blow off steam in 1 more season in baseball and do me a favor...

Tell the New York Yankees the Go Scratch. They're acting like morons.

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