Monday, August 8, 2016


Say what you want about Ichiro Suzuki.  For me personally, he is one of my favorite modern day players of all time.

Just a quick note about Ichiro.  He hit a triple yesterday and got his 3000th hit in Major League Baseball.  As you know, combining Japan and US hits, Ichiro is passed my childhood hero Pete Rose, and there will always be a debate of "Well, he only has 3000 in the US Major Leagues." 

That's bologna.  The dude earned the title of all time hits leader despite combining Japan and US numbers. The achievement is huge, and kids in youth baseball need to look up to Ichi.

Ichiro came on the scene by storm.  People in the United States instantly admired his drive.  His work ethic is ridiculous and ultimately, he just out performs everyone... STILL at age 42.  Pretty unbelievable.

So a tip of the cap to Ichiro.  My kid loves you pal... and you're a fantastic role model... so I thank you for that.


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