Thursday, July 28, 2016


Jon Heyman reads Bleeding Yankee Blue.  Do you know how I know? Because no one touched the Chris Sale story since we wrote IF SALE'S FOR SALE, I'M BUYING! on July 22nd when we wrote:

"Now I'm not looking to trick you here. The Yankees are not a team that is connected with the Sox for Sale, but they should be..." 

And what... now they are Jon? Come on man.

Heyman writes: "Not to say the Yankees, still a seemingly unlikely World Series contender, are any sort of favorite for Sale (“the Rangers are determined,” one source claims, and the Red Sox also make more sense as a bona fide contender with an even deeper prospect stash than the Yankees), but they shouldn’t be discounted, either..."

OK then.  Are you kidding me? Keep this in the back of your mind folks.

How can I be called a "baseball insider"? Because it appears I'm doing the same thing their doing... but from my couch!

Stay tuned...

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