Monday, July 25, 2016


First Aroldis Chapman goes, and now there is chatter about Ivan Nova being next.  According to several sources, but we'll go with Buster Olney on this Nova is being shopped:
Now I normally don't go with Olney because I feel like he throws too much crap out there to see if it sticks... and usually doesn't. But the reality is, I think Olney's right about Nova.  Yanks have been trying to move him for a while now.  Here's the problem... Nova isn't exactly dynamic, and so what they get in return won't exactly be a game changer. Even MLB Daily Dish suggests that:

" Nova’s track record and pending free agent status will limit his value, though the weak class of available starters will cause the Yankees to get at least something back for the righty."

I'm with you Chris Cotillo. I'm with you.

Anyway folks... just alittle update.  Obviously things are happening... stay tuned.

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