Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Hey look, CC Sabathia and the Yankees lost to the White Sox 8-2 on July 4th.  He's frustrated and he's mad and he's annoyed and the Yankees need to be that right now too, because they don't look good at all!

Here is CC after his last start! Now it doesn't help that half these questions were stupid, but the Yankees need to get angry! What was that question anyway and who the hell asked this?

"Is this continue as a team be sort of a frustrating situation?" 

Really? REALLY?  What kind of a question is that?

Look, the Yankees have not been the Yankees that I know and love all season. It doesn't help when pitching and hitting doesn't work together and it sure as hell doesn't help when pitching can't keep the ball in the ball park.  CC mentioned that in his post-game and we've seen guys like Eovaldi and Nova and Pineda give up homers like mad.  Yes, the Yankees are 40-42 this season, but it's UNDER .500.  It's also July.  We can make a run of the century right now... and it needs to start immediately.

And so frustration and anger NEED to surface! Not from Joe Girardi... HE NEEDS TO LEAD and stay cool. The players need to feel what the fans are feeling and act, FAST! 

Remember when Paul O'Neill wanted to hit the ball every single time he was up and when he didn't, he lost it on the water cooler? Remember when we heard about the Jorge Posada closed door meetings and how they were "epic"?  What do we have right now? We need to get hard! We need to turn this around!

I know the game is hard, but this is not the season any of us fans expected.  I like the way Sabathia handled this post-game.  He's frustrated with himself, annoyed that the Yankees are losing.  But maybe this is a sign of our team getting angry and turning it around! 

We need them too!

Final: White Sox 8 - Yankees 2

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