Sunday, July 24, 2016


It looks like Aroldis Chapman could become a Cub at any moment.

Looks like every Yankee fan who bought that No Runs DMC novelty shirt, while nice at the time are now looking at it like it was a waste of money... kind of like my parent's old 1982 World's Fair Tennessee shirt. 

You wonder why you bought it in the first place.

Anyway... Word is the Yanks and Cubs are hammering out a deal. Chapman would go to the Cubs, SS prospect Gleyber Torres would go to the Yankees, and they may even throw in more. 

Yahoo Sports guy Jaff Passan just tweeted this:
Now you gotta wonder if a guy like Adam Warren would be brought back to New York.  After all, Yanks could use alittle pitching too, especially if Chapman goes.

Look, I'm going to sleep. I'm tired.  If the Yankees make this deal, we will inform you for sure in the morning. But I at least wanted to share this latest bit of news.  Things are happening folks... things are happening.

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