Thursday, July 7, 2016


If you subscribe to ESPN Insider like I certainly sounds like the Yankees are ready to become trade deadline sellers. It's not sounding like the typical "who will the Yankees go get?!" buzz that we are used to reading. Instead, it sounds like other teams are picking through the Yankee roster like a savvy shopper in a discount store but the Yankees have not advertised any sales just yet.

Brian Cashman is trying to keep his poker face but his recent interview with ESPN radio really starts to look like the Yankees are going to be sellers. I have always thought that Cashman had a great poker face, but it looks like this time he may not be very good at bluffing. Back in May Cashman said that we shouldn't be thinking about reworking the roster because it was too early, we talked about that in WE SHOULDN'T THINK THIS WAY CASHMAN, BUT WE ARE and it sounds like what Cashman wanted to avoid may be a tough decision the Yankees have to make.

On paper, this team is better than last year but it is still disappointing. Rival executives now say that they have been calling the Yankees and they are inquiring on the obvious names like Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller and supposedly one rival executive made a very strong offer to acquire one of our best arms.Who is it and what was the offer? We may soon find out, but for now the Yankees aren't confirming anything. There are many teams out there looking for good bullpen arms so I'm sure the Yankees will have plenty of offers to consider.

But there are other rumors swirling out there that the Yankees would consider moving Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran, Brett Gardner and a few of our starting pitchers. Supposedly, the Yankees are listening to offers now to get the best offer and pull the trigger right before the trade deadline. I suppose if the Yankees are serious about rebuilding they should listen to offers on everyone. If they want a competitive future they might as well "go big" or just don't even bother. The Yankees have been walking a fine line for far too long.

Cashman said "The clock is ticking" and in response to that the rest of Yankeeland says "Thank You, Captain Obvious." The whole season we have been listening to Cashman elude to the Yankees moving players if this team doesn't start performing. It's July now so the clock is ticking loudly. As Yogi Berra would say, "It gets late early out there" and it's time that the Yankees finally show their hand here.

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer & Editor
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