Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I just read a terrific article in that I wanted to share with my Bleeding Yankee Blue audience. Here are portions of it...

(In Photo: Gleyber Torres)

"By day, Jorge Mateo, the Yankees' best prospect, met Gleyber Torres, the organization's new phenom as of Monday's trade that sent star closer Aroldis Chapman to the Chicago Cubs. And by night, these two Latinos whom scouts love were on the field together as a double play combination for the first time. Torres, a 19-year-old from Venezuela, was at shortstop playing Mateo's natural position, and Mateo, a 21-year-old Dominican, was at second, a position he's been learning this season and one in which he'll be playing a lot more of now....

(In Photo: Gleyber Torres)

Tuesday's game had the perfect finish for this possible middle infield of tomorrow, a groundball to Torres, a feed to Mateo and a throw to first for a game-ending 6-4-3 double play...Following the game, Osborn (Tampa Yankees manager Patrick Osborn) shed light on how he's going to handle having two prized shortstop prospects on one team until Mateo gets his expected promotion to Class AA Trenton sometime soon. The manager says that Torres will remain strictly a shortstop and Mateo will play four games at second and two at short weekly...

For now, they're big juicy strawberries with some green in them, some ripening to do that will take a couple years minimum. After that, who knows? Maybe they turn into something close to what Jeter and Cano were."

So what does that all mean? It means the Yankee future is coming!  We have an infield that teams will soon drool over if they aren't already.  We have guys like Greg Bird who has had a taste of major league experience last season and when he returns next year, he won't miss a beat.

We have the Iron Giant, Aaron Judge ready to kick ass and take names.  He is hours away from getting a shot at the major league level, because I have no doubt the Yankees will bring him up for September Call-ups. Once there, he will turn the tide and fans and Yankee execs will know that 2017 will be the Year of the Giant.

I read about Vicente Campos, that pitcher we got in the Montero-Pineda trade all those years ago (Jose Campos) really doing great things in the minors.  He will be up one day, and he will be great! From Tampa to Charleston, to 5-1 with Trenton, and just promoted to Scranton.

We have guys like Ty Hensley, Tyler Austin... this is our future folks.  You gotta be excited about this.  My point is, when we're all crying and bitching about how old the Yankees are, understand that all teams go through this... but this is now our turn. And it sucks, and we're impatient, but the tide will turn again.

Be excited.  Things are happening.

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