Monday, July 18, 2016


Welcome to this season's addition of "Keep dreaming 'cuz it ain't happening" edition created by yours truly. This season has brought out the worst in my usual cheerful disposition. It sucks, but at least I can say I am being realistic and not writing about unrealistic pipe dreams. One of the biggest pipe dreams that I have heard a lot of lately made me laugh for hours and hours.....and I am still laughing as I write this.

I hate to burst anyone's bubble here but as I said above this catastrophic season has turned me into a realist so I say this with as much poise and sensitivity as I can muster.....MARK TEIXEIRA IS A YANKEE. HE WILL NOT BE TRADED TODAY.....TOMORROW.....OR BY THE TRADE DEADLINE.

Sorry to shout at you, but it let out some much needed energy. Think of the outburst above as an earthquake. I was planet earth and that noise up above was me shaking the silly out of anyone who thinks it is possible. Yes, that was the writer's equivalent of the ground shaking. I released my energy. Now that the damage is done it is time to evaluate on why it isn't happening.

Earlier this month we pitched an interesting idea in IT'S A VERY REAL MARK TEIXEIRA NUGGET that I am sure left some anti Mark Teixeira fans praying it comes true. Let's face it, he's not everyone's favorite player right now and I even stopped defending him. I know when time is up and enough is enough. I jumped off that train and basically told Tex to give me the ammunition needed to defend him again. It hasn't happened and realistically it won't happen.

In case you missed it porcelain man is banged up again. In Saturday night's game he fouled a ball off of his left foot (Shocking!).

He got some more x-rays which of course came back as negative. I'm not going to give a sigh of relief here because the same thing happened last year. He got hurt and some dummy missed the diagnosis. The story starts off the same way. Sunday he sat out of the game and this is just a broken record.

So back to above....he's not going anywhere. For those who are hoping that he will be offloaded to some other team I have to ask you something...what do you think you are gonna get for him?! Mr glass man can't stay healthy and his stats are laughable. Who wants a past his prime first baseman with a .186 BA, 7 home runs, .263 OBP in 251 plate appearances? He is basically one of the walkers from The Walking Dead. He adds NOTHING positive to a team.

It hurts me to say he adds nothing, but sometimes the truth hurts. If there is a team dumb enough out there to roll the dice on this guy then I am sure Brian Cashman and Yankee brass will be more than willing to listen. And even if we could get someone to bite, do you think Tex is going to waive that no trade clause here? Let's face it at this point leaving would be a blow to his ego because he's not going to be dealt to a contending team.

What are we going to get for him? At this point the Yankees would be lucky if they got a few packs of Big League Chew and a bag of baseballs. Oh and how much money do we have to pay just to get rid of him? Let's face it, his contract is expiring and the price may not be too steep now but if he's not worth more than bubblegum at this point who wouldn't expect us to kick in some cash for him? He's a liability! Maybe offer some sort of additional short term disability package? Throw in some crutches too while you are at it. You get my point.

Bottom line here folks is he isn't worth anything but frustration. He's not doing anything to help his cause right now. The Yankees could beg a team to take him off of their hands and they will only laugh as much at that idea as I have been. It's time to leave fantasy land and come back to reality and accept that we are stuck with him for better (which I think we would all like to see) or for worse.

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer & Editor
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