Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Important note about minor league prospect Tyler Austin. He's doing very well in Scranton.  I was just checking out the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Tweets and I came across some pretty nice numbers:
Now we interviewed Tyler and his mom a few years ago on Bleeding Yankee Blue.  Read EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: TYLER AUSTIN... WONDER BOY.  Back then he also gave my own son some pretty valuable advice and he still uses it today. Check this out:

"BYB: Tyler, what do you tell kids who want to quit Little League after a frustrating at bat, or season?

Tyler Austin: Hang in there. I’ve had frustrating seasons and I’ve played a year ahead. Those years, my numbers went down, everything seemed to. I struggled and I realized that I needed to work alittle harder and I can’t get down on myself. I like to watch the Legend of Bagger Vance. In it, there’s an important lesson: Everybody has their own authentic swing. Once you find yours, there is nothing you can’t accomplish."

We loved the kids work ethic then, we love it now and we know the poor guy's had some bad luck with injury, but the bottom line is, now he's healthy and now he's doing quite well.

He also plays first base...

Just saying.

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