Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Honestly there is really not alot to report today in Yankeeland.  I mean, yes, the Yankees beat Dallas Keuchel which is huge, they won 2-1 and Andrew Miller got his 8th save, but the reality is, looking for nuggets ended up with me finding the same nuggets and not a lot of new, fresh news.

I did however find this nugget about who the Yankees may trade next and the explanation of what it all means and it comes from Chad Jennings at LoHud.  Check this out:

"Given the state of the offense right now, trading Carlos Beltran would be a true sell move, far more significant in the short-term than the trade of Chapman because the Yankees don't have another bat to make up the difference. Trading Mark Teixeira, another free-agent-to-be, would leave the Yankees without a clear replacement at first base (and it's unclear whether Teixeira actually has value at the moment). 

Trading Michael Pineda or Nathan Eovaldi -- and certainly trading Miller -- would come with a significant loss of future value because those pitchers are still under team control beyond this season.

For the current trade market, Nova is probably the Yankees' closest match to Chapman. Not in terms of value, but in terms of being both expendable and replaceable. The Yankees have less than a week to find another deal that's too good to pass up.

'It’s a very volatile time,' Cashman said. 'There’s a lot of moving parts, a lot of things that will transpire. I just can tell you, we are prepared. Our scouts have been all over the baseball world in this professional sport, on the minor league side and the Major League side, assessing everything possible. We’re prepared to make recommendations when things come into play, and then we’ll see where that takes us.'”

Now I know you know the players that have been mentioned, that is nothing new. You guys are smart. What is new is the interpretation of what is all means by trading some of these guys, and I like the way Jennings presented it there, which is why I pulled it to share with the BYB audience.

Again, not a lot to present about Yankeeland today, except this nugget.

And now we wait...

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