Friday, July 29, 2016


You can't just give Andrew Miller away.  There needs to be a significant haul for him.  Now, I'm the first to suggest that trading Miller is dumb anyway... but there are several that think I'm wrong and explain themselves very well, and we'll have a rapid reaction to our piece I DON'T UNDERSTAND THE MILLER RUMORS... tomorrow right here on Bleeding Yankee Blue. 

The comments received are intelligent and smart and I must share them. But that's tomorrow...

Today is a nice nugget from my close friend Jon Heyman:

"...Washington Nationals top prospect Lucas Giolito wouldn’t be enough of a return for the Yankees to move Miller, sources say.

In discussions with the Chicago Cubs, word is the Yankees asked for slugger Kyle Schwarber plus more for Miller...."

And that falls in line with what many believe.  You don't hand Miller over without getting a significant Prospect Basket of goodies. Yet, some thing Giolito can be enough.

Yes, Giolito is 22 and great, but it's my opinion that he hasn't done a lot in his major league career... it's uncharted territory and therefore... who knows what we'd get and if it's the equivalent of a Miller.  And yes, it's the future and I get all of that, I just don't agree going Lucas for Andrew!

That being said, Heyman writes: "Washington’s No. 1 overall prospect has also managed 83 strikeouts against 36 walks. Giolito was notably selected by the Nationals in the first-round of the 2012 MLB Draft."

But yes, it's still not good enough for me. I want alittle more.  And so... if I'm the Yankees..  I stay... for now.

More to come...
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