Friday, July 8, 2016


How often have we been screaming here that it's time to play the kids!  I can post about 3 to 5 Bleeding Yankee Blue posts right here alone about that. Here's one:


Now ESPN's Andrew Marchand has jumped on the bandwagon and I applaud it.  It's not often that ESPN has a positive commentary about the Yankees and their future.  They are usuually bashing everything about the team... usually in a backhanded way.

Check out Marchand:

"Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
Rob Refsnyder, 1B
Aaron Judge, RF
Brian McCann, C
Didi Gregorius, SS
Gary Sanchez, DH
Starlin Castro, 2B
Chase Headley, 3B
Brett Gardner, LF

... the idea would be to see Judge, Sanchez and Refsnyder play regularly at the major league level. When you add the injured Greg Bird at first base next year, you have potentially four new and exciting players."

Look, the Yankees appear pretty old and broken down this season. This may just be the season that we try and play the kids more.  I mean, it's July and we're still just hovering around .500.  We need to make a run, or at least roll the dice on youth and see where it takes us.  Remember, the kids will be hungry, much different than veterans who are set in their ways.

Here's more from Marchand:

"On Thursday, in the Yankees' 5-4 win over the Indians that was managed like a playoff game by Joe Girardi, Gregorius hit another homer and Refsnyder reached base both times he batted (a walk and a single). It was a glimpse of what the Yankees could be showcasing every night.

With this as a second-half strategy -- infusing more youth into the roster -- frustrated Yankee fans could dream of what might be instead of trying to hang on to a flimsy shot at the second wild card.

A youth movement is yet another reason to sell at the trade deadline. 

Yes, the Yankees will still play veterans. They have some contracts that probably can't be moved, so those players will be around. They will play, too, as the Yankees try to find a better mix."

It makes perfect sense, and I'm loving this article Marchand!

Hey, it's Friday, we need to keep it light here today.  Something this simple is right here in front of us.  Will the Yankees do it? Not sure, but when guys like Andrew Marchand agree with BYB... you know that the idea should at least be floated.... AND MAYBE EXECUTED!

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