Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Teams are looking at Yankee players, and Aroldis Chapman appears to be the biggest target right this second.  But if you ask him, while he understands how baseball is a business, he's enjoying his time in the Bronx and wants to come back if he could.  Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News shared this tweet:
Now you gotta appreciate that.  It's like Andrew Miller and Nathan Eovaldi suggesting that they don't want to leave.

While the Yankees could most likely care less, it definitely is appreciated by the fans.

Now comes word that more and more teams are lining up to see if Chapman is available.  George King of the New York Post writes the following:

" Chapman has been scouted by the Nationals, Cubs and Rangers... The Nationals had a scout in San Diego and this weekend at Yankee Stadium looking at Chapman and Miller, and the Washington Post reported Sunday the Yankees had a scout watching Syracuse, the Nationals’ Triple-A club. The Rangers, who are seeking bullpen help, had a scout at the Stadium all weekend."

And so now there will be a daily dose of "rumors" every day until the trade deadline just like this one.  Not much more to report these days and I'm not going to lie... I struggled this morning trying to find quality content for all of you to read.  But there really aren't any clear cut nuggets today, other than teams that like our Yankee players and Yankee scouts going to minor league facilities watching other teams prospects.  Bottom line... I apologize, but that's the way the news cycle is right now.

We will keep you posted on Miller, Chapman, Beltran, Eovaldi... even Sabathia.  It appears that it could be a very busy trade deadline for the Yanks.

We shall see...

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