Monday, July 18, 2016


Interesting nugget and one that's been circulating for about a month now.  The Yankees appear to be interested in lefty hitter Kyle Schwarber, a Chicago Cub.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports has that story:

"As he was ascending the Chicago Cubs’ minor league system, Kyle Schwarber was referred to by more than one scout as an “ox.” In the kindest terms, naturally. And now, with Cashman, the New York Yankees’ general manager, controlling the July trade market with his cache of dominant relievers, he gets to covet whomever he pleases. And atop that list is Schwarber, whose monstrous left-handed swing is made for Yankee Stadium. 'Cash thinks he can hit 50 home runs there,' one source with knowledge of the Yankees’ plans said, and, well, that isn’t altogether farfetched. Schwarber is a 30-home run hitter in any park, presuming he comes back from the torn ACL that has sidelined him almost all of 2016."

OK, so if you read all that there's a lot to digest there.  First off, he's coming off an torn ACL, which, many come back from no problem, but we're already going in with an injury case. All I'm saying is if you rank on guys like Mark Teixeira all day, shouldn't you be questioning everyone with injury?  Don't get me wrong, Tex is much older... just making a point.

Secondly, how many times have you heard that a lefty's swing was "made for Yankee Stadium"?  Alot. Remember Jason Giambi? He benefited. But a guy like Brian McCann can't seem to consistently crank it out, but that's what we heard from Brian Cashman after we got him.

Look, I am NOT suggesting Schwarber is a bad idea.  I love it, but the rumor season can get alittle nuts and while we need to see and read every nugget about these players and teams, I just don't know what to make of this yet.

Yup, I'm being skeptical... for me, it's the right way to handle this type of rumor.

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