Sunday, July 17, 2016


Quick note about Cuban ballplayer Yulieski Gourriel.  No, he didn't sign with the New York Yankees, but he did sign with a Major League team. It's being reported by Jesse Sanchez of MLB, Gourriel signed with the Astros:
Nice photo. Looks kind of bad ass. I wonder if that will translate.

Now, don't go pouting that he didn't sign with the Yankees.  He was NEVER a blip on the Yankees radar.  The media played that whole story up about him being connected to the Yankees ONLY because he's friends with Aroldis Chapman.  As I wrote in YULIESKI GOURRIEL MAY BE ON THE MOVE,

"...the Yankees have recently been attached to Cuban free agent Yulieski Gourriel and that's because every time the press has a moment, they bring his name up to Aroldis Chapman. That's when Chapman talks about how excellent of a ballplayer Gourriel is.  There isn't TRULY a connection between the Yankees and Gourriel, it's slightly fabricated, but that being said, the Yankees need to think about guys like this.  Roll the dice."

The Yankees passed, that's fine. Maybe they are coming up with ideas on how to deal some of our old players... who knows.

Anyway, Gourriel is now with the Houston Astros, not the New York Yankees.  And it appears, or maybe he's wrong, that Jesse Sanchez is suggesting Gourriel is actually spelled "Gurriel".  Who knew? I'll have to check that one out.

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