Monday, July 25, 2016


I have reached an all new level of epic. I have been given a gift that has no explanation other than it has been given to me in order to help "fix" this franchise. Apparently the baseball gods have chosen me for whatever reason to do the impossible.....see what the final Yankees decision is even before they make it. I can sift through all of the possibilities and just get down to the final answer. I'm Yankee baseball psychic! Okay, maybe not but something did happen that is quite extraordinary.

Okay so I am not psychic and I suppose I can live with that. I'm not trying to pull a Miss Cleo on anyone but I had two major similarities happen the other I was dreaming. Yes, I know it was "only a dream" but in retrospect it was enlightening.

So this season has been a big disappointment for Alex Rodriguez. We officially have the most expensive, ineffective, part time, right handed match up only designated hitter. WHEW that was a lot, but it's true. He is part time at best and the Yankees only care to play him against right handed pitchers. He looks lost at the plate and the Yankees have just lost faith in him altogether. So fast forward to my point....I had the other night and he was in it!

So in this dream, Hal and Hank Steinbrenner make a trip to Yankee stadium and have this long meeting with ARod. They are all sitting at the world's longest rectangular table. In fact, it is so long that they have to yell just to hear each other and it just looks very cold and uncomfortable. In the end, Hal is of course doing all of the talking and there are some screaming matches but at the end of it Hank holds up a copy of ARod's contract and just rips it over his head very dramatically and ARod is escorted out of Yankee stadium, pushed into the parking garage and told to kick rocks.

So a version of this happened on Friday, you can read that HERE. It's a small version obviously because let's face it Hank doesn't really work, he's not that dramatic and ARod wasn't fired. In fact he called the meeting "positive" but how upbeat can that meeting be when he has a .206 BA, 9 home runs and 29 RBI's? So maybe he didn't get fired but the meeting still happened! So maybe the baseball gods are telling me something and to dig deeper. We will see.

But there is one more coincidence I can't dream told me that Mark Teixeira was going to be dropped in the lineup before it happened this weekend! Let's face it, Porcelain Princess has been ineffective. It would be smart to give other guys who are hitting a chance to move up in the order like Starlin Castro and Didi Gregorius. Tex has also been a part time player this season and he just isn't healthy. Give the healthy guys with better numbers the RBI opportunities.

So in my dream Joe Girardi had to break the news to Tex that he was dropping him all the way down to eight in the order. He was visibly stunned, it definitely hurt his ego but he understood. There was no temper tantrum but the disappointment was written all over his face. Fast forward to what happened this weekend....the Yankees dropped him down to seventh in the order which is the first time since 2012. Maybe the number seven agrees with him though because he found his power again and hit a home run on Sunday. That is he Tex we need to see more of.

So I guess this is where I put myself in check. I am not the first female baseball psychic even though that would be incredibly cool. I guess I should just continue to strike while the iron is hot. Maybe tonight I will dream about the winning Powerball numbers and finally strike it rich...

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer & Editor
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