Thursday, July 28, 2016


Girls out there will know what I am talking about because we've had them at some point in our lives. You breakup with your guy and then suddenly everything he ever gave you gets tossed inside a box. Or anything you have that reminds you of him gets thrown in there too especially if it is associated with a happy memory. If he loved your favorite shirt you suddenly can never wear it again! No matter what it is it gets locked away into some deep black hole or sucked into the abyss.

Well ladies and gentlemen....a guy has finally admitted to having a breakup box. Not just any guy, our returning beloved Adam Warren had a Yankee breakup box, read that HERE. Reading that made me giggle a little. I just couldn't imagine Warren the 6'1" gentle giant being so upset. It just makes me even more excited to have him back because I was sad to see him despite the fact that we just landed Starlin Castro. He loved being a Yankee. He hated the fact that he was dumped by the Yankees. I find that endearing.

I have to appreciate the fact that Warren put all of his old Yankee gear in a box and left it in some empty part of his house. He didn't just drop it off at Goodwill or throw it away like last night's leftovers. Or better yet, he didn't throw a Chris Sale temper tantrum and take a pair of scissors to everything and shred it to pixie dust. Warren has a sensitive side to go with his pitching repertoire.

I'm always happy to have someone on our team that wants to be here. It's great to get a guy who has tons of natural talent or potential....but having the passion to really be with your team just adds to the team chemistry and that is important in any relationship whether it is a romantic relationship or a business relationship. I think the breakup was hard for Warren. It sucks to lose something that you really want.

Warren acknowledges that he was not an effective pitcher when he was in Chicago. He says he has "a lot of opinions" about what went wrong and based on his comments, maybe that chemistry was missing. A player should be able to adapt to any situation but sometimes it just doesn't com together. Warren needs more structure. Joe Girardi can give him the structure and he just couldn't figure out Joe Maddon's methods. Now it's time to get back on track.

So Welcome home Warren. You have a lot of work ahead of you including unpacking a few boxes and settling back in. As you do that, find that breakup box and take all of those items out and use them again. You no longer have to hide all of those items because this is officially a reconciliation.

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer & Editor
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