Sunday, July 31, 2016


Hey, we just wrote TIME TICKIN' 'TIL TRADE DEADLINE, BUT IT'S STILL MILLER TIME IN BRONX! here at BYB and we were feeling pretty good.  I mean, I think deep down we knew that Andrew Miller was gonna be traded, but we just didn't want it to happen.

But we should have known.  We should have known when a fake Buster Olney decided to follow me on Twitter last night and then this morning the real Olney came out with a tweet about it. I should have known by the pouring rain in the Tri-State area last night and then me having a crappy night sleep.  We all should have known it was coming after tweets came out from every "baseball insider" in the world this morning as they were falling all over themselves to trying to be right.

We waited and we watched at BYB... and now we can confirm some info involving Andrew Miller.  He's been traded... to Cleveland and the Yankees get four!

The real Buster Olney, at 8:41am in the morning today tweeted this:
Hey, I rank on Olney a lot, but give him mad credit here.  He got it and I tip my cap.  Turns out Miller goes to Cleveland and the Yankees will get 4 in return.  ESPN writes:

(In Photo: Clint Frazier) 

"The Yankees will get a package of four players in return, headed by minor league outfielder Clint Frazier and pitcher Justus Sheffield...Frazier and Sheffield are considered two of Cleveland's top three prospects. Frazier was selected by the Indians with the fifth pick in the 2013 draft...

(In Photo: Justus Sheffield)
Sheffield was drafted by Cleveland in the first round of the 2014 draft...Minor league pitchers Ben Heller and J.P. Feyereisen are also heading to New York..."

And it's sad, very sad because Yankee fans got to love Miller and now there is no Miller to close things out in the Bronx.  But don't get it twisted... this is a haul, the type of haul you NEED when you dangle a guy like Miller.  It's significant, but sad all the same.

And there you have it.  Chapman is gone, and now so is Miller and that "No Runs DMC" shirt you bought can hit the trash can today, never to be worn again... you've been had.  And life goes on in the Bronx.

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